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Opticstar XS 70° Super Wide Angle Eyepieces
Super Wide Angle - High Index Glass - Sharp High Contrast Optics
Opticstar XL Super Wide Angle Eyepieces
  • 70° Super Wide Angle eyepieces.
  • High index glass throughout.
  • Fully broadband multi-coated.
  • Parfocal, no need to refocus.
  • Super sharp, high contrast optics.
  • Extremely high resolution.
  • Excellent aberration correction.
  • Fold-down rubber eyecups.
  • Filter threads.
  • Anti-reflection threads.
  • Made of black anodised aluminium.
  • Blackened lens edges.
Opticstar Visual
CCD Cameras
Opticstar Imaging
Opticstar XS 70° Super Wide Angle Eyepieces
Model / Description View in Showroom Order code Price inc VAT Shipping Dispatched witnin click button to purchase
OS 1.25" 10mm XS SWA no OSRXSSWA10 £ 40.00 £ 6.00 24 hours
OS 1.25" 15mm XS SWA no OSRXSSWA15 £ 45.00 £ 6.00 24 hours
OS 1.25" 20mm XS SWA no OSRXSSWA20 £ 50.00 £ 6.00 24 hours
OS 2" 26mm XS SWA no OSRXSSWA26 £ 65.00 £ 6.00 24 hours
OS 2" 32mm XS SWA no OSRXSSWA32 £ 70.00 £ 6.00 24 hours
OS 2" 38mm XS SWA no OSRXSSWA38 £ 75.00 £ 6.00 24 hours

The Opticstar XS Super Wide Angle eyepieces represent excellent value for money and very high quality.

These all-new Super Wide Angle 70 degrees eyepieces are made of high index glasses throughout. They come with fold-down rubber eyecups, filter threads, blackened lens edges and anti-reflection threads for maximum contrast. The barrels are black anodized aluminum with a rubber grip ring.

The XS Super Wide Angle eyepieces are fully broadband multi-coated. All models are parfocal so you will not need to refocus as you exchange eyepieces. Super sharp optics, high contrast & excellent aberration correction, extremely high resolution.

All eyepieces include free lens cleaning cloth.

Opticstar XL Super Wide Angle Eyepieces

Focal Length Aperture Field of View Optical Elements Optical Groups Optical Coatings
10mm 1.25" 70º 5 4 Broadband FMC
15mm 1.25" 70º 5 4 Broadband FMC
20mm 1.25" 70º 5 4 Broadband FMC
26mm 2" 70º 5 3 Broadband FMC
32mm 2" 70º 5 4 Broadband FMC
38mm 2" 70º 5 3 Broadband FMC

Opticstar XL Super Wide Angle Eyepieces

Opticstar XS SWA Eyepieces.
Opticstar XS SWA Eyepieces shown with the Opticstar ED80S (f6.25) Gold - Dual Speed refractor.

We are constantly checking the accuracy of the technical data. We are prepared to provide more detailed information on request. Technical data is subject to change without notice.

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Opticstar DS-616C XL is Astronomy magazine's product of the year.
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The Opticstar DS-616C XL deep-sky CCD camera has earned the annual star product award from Astronomy, the world's best-selling astronomy magazine. Read about it in the September 2013 issue.

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