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Meade Stella Wi-Fi Adapter
Meade Stella Wi-Fi Adapter.
Stella allows you to wirelessly control your computerised telescope with your smart phone or tablet.
Opticstar XS 70° SWA
Opticstar XS 70° SWA Eyepieces.
The Opticstar XS 70° SWA Eyepieces represent excellent value for money and high quality...
Cooled CCD
Opticstar DS-616C XL+
The Opticstar DS-616C XL+ uses the Sony ICX413AQ, 6.1 mega pixel colour
CCD (1.8"). Complete with power supply unit and software...
Meade LPI-G Colour
Meade LPI-G colour
The Meade LP-G Colour video camera for imaging and guiding.
Meade LX90 ACF 8" UHTC
Meade LX90 ACF 8" UHTC.
The Meade LX90 ACF 8 UHTC is a 8" advanced catadioptric with a computerised fork mount.
Ascension 80ED Triplet
Ascension 80ED Triplet
The Ascension 80ED Triplet APO from the premium range of telescopes...
Meade ETX125 Observer
Meade ETX125 Observer
The popular ETX125 Observer takes mobile astronomy to a new level...
Photo-Visual Focal Reducer
Opticstar 1.25" Focal Reducer.
Opticstar 1.25" Photo Visual Focal Reducer doubles the telescope's field of view.
Meade LPI-G Monochrome
Meade LPI-G monochrome
The Meade LP-G Monochrome video camera for imaging and guiding.
Opticstar PX-125C
Opticstar PX-125C
The Opticstar PX-125C colour video camera for guiding and planetary imaging.
Ascension Accessories
Ascension UWA eyepieces.
The Ascension 80° Ultra Wide Angle eyepieces feature quality fully-multicoated glass throughout...
Opticstar sections.
Opticstar offers a range of CCD cameras, telescopes and accessories. These have been carefully selected to offer superior value to amateur astronomers.

Opticstar Sections
Opticstar telescopes. Opticstar Telescopes. Refracting, Maksutov and Newtonian telescopes on computerized (GOTO) mounts with advanced handsets. Also, quality short tube refractors that can be used for observing, imaging and guiding.

Opticstar visual accessories. Opticstar Visual Accessories. Accessories for visual observation such as eyepieces, barlow lenses, star diagonals, filters, adapters and more.

Opticstar mounts. Opticstar Mounts. Equatorial mounts with ball bearings on both axes for improved accuracy and higher payload capacity. Available as computerized GOTO mounts or manual.

Opticstar mount accessories. Opticstar Mount Accessories. Accessories for Opticstar mounts including the EQ700 and EQ1300.

Opticstar CCD cameras. Opticstar Imaging Cameras. Cooled and non-cooled cameras for deep-sky, planetary, lunar and solar photography. Single-shot and video models. All computer-controlled cameras offer high-speed USB 2.0 connectivity and resolutions of up to 6 mega pixels.

Accessories Opticstar Imaging Accessories. A range of accessories for astro-photographers.

Trade Enquiries
For trade and OEM enquiries on Opticstar cameras and accessories please contact us.

Authorized Dealers
The following companies are authorized dealers for the Opticstar range of CCD cameras.

United Kingdom
Rother Valley Optics Rother Valley Optics, 21 Station Road, Kiveton, Rotherham, S26 6QP, United Kingdom.

United States of America
Woodland Hills Camera & Telescopes Woodland Hills Camera & Telescopes, 5348 Topanga Canyon Blvd, Woodland Hills, CA 91364, USA.
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Opticstar News
New DS-616C XL+ Model
posted: 24th August 2017
Opticstar DS-616C XL+.
Star product, improved.

The new Opticstar DS-616C XL+ deep-sky CCD is the successor to the popular DS-616C XL that earned the annual star product award back in 2013. It maintains all the features of the original model as well as other improvements.

DS-616C XL is Astronomy Magazine's Star Product
posted: 12th September 2013
Opticstar DS-616C XL is Astronomy magazine's product of the year.
Star product.

The Opticstar DS-616C XL deep-sky CCD camera has earned the annual star product award from Astronomy, the world's best-selling astronomy magazine. Read about it in the September 2013 issue.

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updated: 22nd August 2017
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Willmann Bell
Books for Astronomy
updated: 28th October 2018
Willman Bell books.
Acclaimed books from Willmann Bell...
Opticstar News
Imaging Brochure
updated: 10th February 2014
Opticstar brochure.
Download the Opticstar imaging catalogue here.
Pixel Response Effects On CCD Gain Calibration
Pixel response.
The gain of a CCD camera is the conversion between...
A&M 152mm f/8 Review
"Fantastic Performance" "Beauty of a Ferrari"
updated: 25th March 2009
A&M 152mm f/8 TMB.
Read the latest review about the A&M 152mm f/8 A&M/TMB on Cloudy Nights. According to the review this telescope combines the "beauty of a Ferrari" with "fantastic performance". The review also states that "the manufacturer's claims are valid".
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