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Opticstar MG152
Opticstar MG152.
The Opticstar MG152 features acclaimed Maksutov optics and superior build quality.
Opticstar PX-35C
Opticstar PX-35C COOLAIR
The Opticstar PX-35C COOLAIR colour video camera for high quality planetary imaging.
1.25" x3 XL TeleXtender
Opticstar 1.25" x3 TeleXtender.
The Opticstar 1.25" x3 XL TeleXtender is a premium quality optical amplifier that excels...
Celestron CGEM 800 XLT.
The Celestron CGEM 800 XLT is the 8" SCT with the new CGEM fully computerised mount.
FREE: Planetary Video Camera.
Opticstar ED80S Gold
Opticstar ED80S Gold.
The Opticstar ED80S Gold with dual speed Crayford focuser and apochromatic fluorite doublet
FPL-53 objective. Durable all-metal construction...
Sky-Watcher NEQ6 PRO
Sky-Watcher EQ6 PRO mount.
NEQ6 PRO (EQ6 PRO) is the extra heavy duty, computerised mount from Sky-Watcher with a load capacity of 25kg.
FREE: Power Supply Unit.
Meade LT 8 ACF
Meade LT 8" ACF.
The Meade LT 8 ACF with Advanced Coma Free optics sets a new high performance standard for its price range.
FREE: Mains power supply.
Sky-Watcher EQ8 PRO
Sky-Watcher EQ8 PRO mount.
The EQ8 PRO is Sky-Watcher's observatory class equatorial GOTO mount with 50kg payload capacity.
FREE: Extension SynScan cable.
Skymax-180 PRO
Sky-Watcher Skymax-180 PRO (latest "Black Diamond" moldel)
The Skymax-180 PRO Black Diamond model) is the next generation of telescopes...
Ascension Accessories
Ascension Altazimuth Mount.
The Ascension Altazimuth Mount is best suited for carrying short telescopes and cameras...
Skyhawk-1145P SynScan
Sky-Watcher Skyhawk-1145P SynScan AZ GOTO
The Skyhawk-1145P SynScan AZ GOTO from Sky-Watcher is a complete computerized telescope.
Meade LX90 ACF 12" UHTC
Meade LX90 ACF 12" UHTC.
The Meade LX90 ACF 12 UHTC is a 12" advanced catadioptric with a computerised fork mount.
FREE: 1.3MP video camera.
AR80S Guidescope
Opticstar AR80S Gold Guidescope.
The Opticstar AR80S Gold Guidescope is an 80mm short refractor for auto-guiding.
Auto-Guider Kits
Shoestring auto-guiding kit
Elegant, low-cost Auto-Guider connectivity kits from Shoestring Astronomy.
Coronado PST
Coronado PST solar telescope.
The Coronado PST is the most popular Solar telescope on the market.
FREE: Omni eyepiece.
Sky-Watcher AZ-EQ6GT
Sky-Watcher AZ-EQ6GT mount.
AZ-EQ6 is Sky-Watcher's top of the range Alt-Azimuth & Equatorial GOTO mount.
FREE: Vibration Suppression Pads.
Premium Telescopes
Ascension ED Triplet APOs
updated: 31st March 2014
Ascension telescopes
Ascension 80ED Triplet model shown.
The Ascension premium apo-chromatic refractors were the first reasonably priced triplet ED telescopes widely available in the UK that use a high quality Japanese ED triplet (premium FCD1 ED). These first-class photo-visual instruments offer unequalled value for money and come in three different sizes (80mm F6, 102mm F7 and 127mm F7.5).

Guaranteed to perform at a Strehl Ratio of 0.90 or better. The High Precision models at a Strehl Ratio of 0.95 or better!
Planetary Video Cameras
Opticstar PX-137 COOLAIR Scientific Grade Cameras
updated: 31st December 2013
Opticstar PX-137 COOLAIR.
Image captured by Gary Palmer with the Opticstar PX-137 COOLAIR.
Opticstar is proud to announce the release of its new PX-137C COOLAIR (colour model) and PX-137M COOLAIR (monochrome model) scientific grade 1/3" sCMOS cameras. These 1.3 megapixel video cameras combine high frame rates with extremely high sensitivity, a wide dynamic range and unusually low noise outperforming more expensive CCD cameras...
Opticstar Picture of the Day
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The Sun by Gary Palmer with the Opticstar DS-336C XL.
Opticstar Telescopes
Short Tube Refractors for Visual Observation and Imaging
updated: 31st December 2013
Opticstar ED and AR range.
Opticstar AR80S (f5) Gold - Dual Speed.
The Opticstar ED apo-chromatic and AR achromatric refractors are well suited for both astronomical and terrestrial observation. The ED models use Fluorite FPL-53 optics, rigid construction and low focal ratio of f/6.25 making them ideal for deep sky imaging. All models are well suited for use as guide scopes or as a travel scopes.
Cooled CCD Cameras
Opticstar DS-616C XL is Astronomy Magazine's
Star Product
updated: 18th February 2014
Opticstar DS-616C XL.
Opticstar DS-616C XL.
Not all large format CCD T.E.C. cooled cameras are created equal.
The Opticstar DS-616C XL has earned the annual star product award from Astronomy, the world's best-selling astronomy magazine. Read about it in the September 2013 issue.

The DS-616C XL 6 mega-pixel camera is in a class of its own with 50% higher sensitivity in real-world applications (100% max) than other cameras using the same Sony CCD due to its hardware gain and outstanding hardware noise suppression, both features implemented in the camera hardware...
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Peter Karboulonis practical articles on astronomy.
John Haunton's step-by-step astroimaging.
John Haunton. Step-by-step articles on astroimaging.
Opticstar News
DS-616C XL is Astronomy Magazine's Star Product
posted: 12th February 2014
Opticstar DS-616C XL is Astronomy magazine's product of the year.
DS-616C XL is Star Product

The Opticstar DS-616C XL deep-sky CCD camera has earned the annual star product award from Astronomy, the world's best-selling astronomy magazine. Read about it in the September 2013 issue.

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Sample Images
Opticstar PL-130M CoolAir
posted: 10th February 2009
Mosaic of the Moon at 2354x4010 pixels 
 captured by Herwig Sulzbacher.
An impressive 9.4 megapixel mosaic of the Moon by Herwig Sulzbacher with the Opticstar PL-130M.
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