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Opticstar ARX200 f/3.9 Flat-Field Astrograph
Flat-Field Corrected Reflector - Widefield Instrument
To order this item outside mainland Britain or Highlands, please contact us.
Opticstar ARX200 Flat-Field Astrograph
  • Optical Design: Reflector
  • Aperture: 203mm (8")
  • Focal Length: 790mm (f/3.9)
  • Variable Flat Field Coma Corrector
  • Precision Micro Adjustable Collimation
  • 2" Dual-Speed 10:1 Precision Crayford type focuser
  • Tube rings and dovetail bar (Vixen / Sky-Watcher type)
  • Illuminated 8x50mm Finderscope
  • Carbon Fibre tube
  • Weight: 8.1 kg
Mount not included. Shown for illustration only.
Opticstar Visual
Opticstar Mount
CCD Cameras
Opticstar ARX200 f/3.9 Flat-Field Astrograph
Package includes:
  • Opticstar ARX200 203mm F/3.9 optical tube assembly (OTA).
  • Variable Flat-Field Coma Corrector
  • Illuminated Finder Scope 8x50mm.
  • Mounting Rings and Dovetail bar (Vixen style).
  • 2" Dual-Speed 10:1 Precision Crayford type focuser.
  • FREE: Opticstar SL-131C COOLAIR planetary video camera. See options below.
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Opticstar ARX200 User Manual
Opticstar CCD Cameras

The Opticstar ARX200 Astrograph is a wide/flat field imaging instrument that been designed for the purpose of astro-imaging and astrometry.

It can be used in conjunction with a camera to capture images of the same section of the sky over days or weeks apart for the purpose of discovering ‘new’ objects including novae, variable stars, asteroids, meteors and comets. Image data can then be compared to reveal changes in brightness, movement or new objects that have entered our Solar system.
Alternatively the instrument can be used to capture high quality flat-field images of the celestial objects and larger areas of sky in a relatively short period of time due to the instrument’s fast focal ratio of F3.9 and 203mm. aperture.

All optical elements in the optical train have been designed to function as a single optical system to achieve maximum performance. The distance between the corrector and the camera sensor can be set without the need of extension tubes and similar arrangements. A helical type mechanism is used to easily set the required distance.

The ARX200 optical tube is made of strong Carbon Fibre. Carbon fibre is a light-weight material that offers exceptional thermal stability when compared to metal.
Opticstar ARX200
The Coma Corrector is bundled with the ARX200 as standard.
This ensures that the focal plane will not ‘move’ over extended exposures and during long imaging sessions as the temperature drops over night. This results to sharper images showing higher contrast.

The ARX200 has with a 2” precision 10:1 dual speed Crayford type focuser with a 1.25” adapter. It comes with a Vixen/Skywatcher saddle and an 8x50mm finder scope. The finder scope mounting saddle will support larger scopes like the Opticstar Guidescope 60XL that can be used for auto-guiding.

Fast telescopes are difficult to collimate due to their fast focal ratios coupled with a need of excellent collimation when imaging. The Opticstar ARX200 innovates by ding without the crude collimation mechanisms found in other such instruments. Instead the ARX200 uses a precision micro focuser similar to those found in rifle scopes. This makes collimation quick, easy and accurate.

In addition the secondary mirror has blackened edges, this helps to increase contrast and image sharpness.

Opticstar ARX200.
Showing the micro-precision collimation mechanism.

Specification of Opticstar ARX200 Flat-Field Astrograph
Aperture 203mm
Focal length 790mm
Focal ratio f/3.9
Corrector 4-element, variable flat field coma corrector
Collimation Precision micro-adjustable
Secondary mirror Blackened edges
Tube Caron Fibre
Finderscope Saddle Vixen/Skywatcher type
Finder-scope Illuminated, 8x50mm
Focuser 2" Dual-Speed 10:1 Precision Crayford type focuser
Tube support Tube rings and mounting bar
Case Carry case for the optical tube and accessories
Eyepiece Plossl 1.25" 25mm eyepiece included
Tube length 79 cm
Tube diameter 27 cm
Tube weight 8.1 kg including mounting rings

We are constantly checking the accuracy of the technical data. We are prepared to provide more detailed information on request. Technical data is subject to change without notice.

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