A&M Triplet APO 105 Carbon-Fibre (ex-display)

Top of the range apochromatic refractor.

  • Aperture: 105mm
  • Focal ratio: f/6.2
  • Triplet apochromat, fully multi-coated
  • A&M / TMB optics (Strehl Ratio over 0.95)
  • Interferometric test report included
  • Carbon fiber and CNC aluminium
  • Internal baffles
  • 4-inch dual-speed William Optics focuser
  • Includes mounting rings and dovetail
  • Retractable dewshield
  • UK warranty
A&M Triplet APO 105 Carbon-Fibre (ex-display)
  • Product code: 1056W4
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A&M refracting telescope manufactured using carbon graphite and aluminium tube. The optical tube assembly (OTA) is CNC machined to the highest tolerances and is computer optimising for lightweight operation with structural rigidity.

The front and rear rings and all small parts are fully CNC machined from aluminium, stainless steel or brass. Other features include three-point collimation and computer optimised ray-traced baffles. The finish of all parts is anodised or multi-coat painted.

Note: This is an ex-display item in very good condition with one year UK warranty.





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Optical performance

The A&M APOs are based on A&M/TMB lenses that consist of three air-spaced elements. The optics are fully multi-coated with APO chromatic correction. Each telescope comes with an inferometric test report included in the price.

Within the amateur community astronomical optics performance for both mirrors and lenses is generally expressed in Peak to Valley (PV) terms, this method is not representative of the quality of an optic and as such more accurate criteria need to be employed. To demonstrate the flaw of the PV method of measurement consider the exaggerated image of the profile of two theoretical mirrors at the same 1/8 PV. The mirror on the left will produce inferior images when compared to the mirror on the right.

Surface smoothnes.

In the professional world of astronomy optics, the Strehl ratio is in regular use. The Strehl ratio is a measure of optical performance rather than an expression of the physical surface or the shape of the optic’s wavefront as obtained with PV or Root Mean Square (RMS) methods.

Strehl performance is measured between 1 and 0, where 1 represents perfect optics. Highest quality telescopes will generally have Strehl ratios of 0.95 or above. Interferometric testing is required to ascertain the real quality and performance of a mirror or lens in terms of their Strehl ratio. A&M telescopes come with individual interferometric reports to guarantee the quality and performance of the optics that you acquire.


This A&M refractor comes with a 4-inch dual speed William Optics focuser.

Carries full one year UK warranty.

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A&M Triplet APO 105 Carbon-Fibre (ex-display)
Attribute Specification
Product Code / sku 1056W4
Universal Product Code (UPC) n/a
Warranty 1 year UK warranty
Series APO
Experience Level Advanced
Optical Design Triplet air-spaced Super ED Apochromat
Lens A&M / TMB
Clear Aperture 105mm
Focal Length 650mm
Focal Ratio F/6.2
Optical Quality RMS 0.03 or better; Strehl number 0.95 or better
Optical design Triplet APO, Air-spaced, fully multi-coated
Construction Carbon-Fibre and CNC aliminium
Baffles 3
Focuser 4-inch dual-speed William Optics with adapters
Tube Diameter 113 mm
Dewcap Diameter 140 mm
Tube Length 55cm closed, 70cm extended
Tube Weight 5.5 kg
Diameter Tuberings 113mm
Dovetail Vixen-style
Dew Shield Fully extendable dew shield with aluminium cap
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