Opticstar/Ascension Green Laser Pointer 5mW

Capable of shining a bright green beam into the night sky.

  • 5mW Green Laser Pointer
  • Wavelength: 532nm
  • Hard Case
  • 2 (two) Alkaline AAA batteries
  • UK warranty
Opticstar/Ascension Green Laser Pointer 5mW
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A high quality 5mW green laser pointer capable of shining a bright green beam into the night sky. The laser emits at 532nm wavelength which is where the human eye responds best. An ON/OFF switch makes this laser ideal for continuous unattended use.

Important Note: Never point the laser to someone’s eyes, this laser is not a toy and should be used responsibly by adults. Please read the enclosed instructions carefully before use.





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The Green Laser Pointer consists of:

  • 1 x 5mW Green Laser Pointer (class 3R, output to 5mw legal limit).
  • 1 x Hard Case.
  • 2 x Alkaline AAA batteries (for the laser).

We recommend Lithium type AAA batteries for near freezing conditions, available at supermarkets and other outlets.

Carries full one year UK warranty.

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Opticstar/Ascension Green Laser Pointer 5mW
Attribute Specification
Product Code (SKU) LAPT5
Universal Product Code (UPC) n/a
Warranty 1 year UK warranty
Series Viewfinders
Experience Level Intermediate
Wavelength 532nm
Power 5mW
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