Willmann-Bell Observing and Photographing the Solar System

A practical guide for the amateur astronomer.

  • Author: Dobbins, Parker, Capen
  • Publisher: Willmann-Bell
  • Hardback
  • Comprehensive and up-to-date reference
  • Pages: 215
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Willmann-Bell Observing and Photographing the Solar System
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This book systematically covers amateur observation and photography of the planets. Several hundred photographs and line drawings of exceptional quality compliment the clearly written text. Unlike deep-sky observing, meaningful observations can be made in your own backyard. One of the authors of this book, Donald Parker, routinely takes pictures from his home in Coral Gables, Florida which have been favourably compared to those taken at professional observatories under the best sky conditions.





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'Journal of the British Astronomical Association' review

"Scanning the planets is an enjoyable visual experience, often a moving one for the newcomer. Helpfully, the 'wanderers' are readily observable for all amateurs, regardless of instrumentation or location. Becoming an expert scrutineer, though, of one particular planet used to require a book specializing in that body. Not any more.

This present book encompasses all the planets but in doing so does not sacrifice observational detail. All but the most intense observer will be satisfied with the planetary chapters, which form two-thirds of the very pleasingly-presented volume.

The last third covers planetary photography and shows the book-title's prefix 'Introductions . . .' is unnecessarily modest. This section is remarkable in being both particular and comprehensive, a result of Donald Parker's skill and experience — his astonishing photographs are scattered throughout the book. In entirety, this is an absorbing read as well as being an excellent reference and instructional text."

'Sky & Telescope' magazine review

"(This book) collects decades of practical planetary observing experience into a single volume. Astronomy . . . this well-illustrated book will be welcomed by both novice and veteran amateur observer. . . . the writing is easy to follow, and they offer words of encouragement throughout. . . . Parker's beautiful planetary photographs demonstrate what can be done with moderate apertures and care. I am sure they will inspire many astrophotographers. . . . I recommend Introduction to Observing and Photographing the Solar System to anyone interested in observing the planets and learning how to take good planetary photographs."

'Observers Handbook, Royal Astronomical Society of Canada' review

"The most comprehensive and up-to-date reference available. Highly recommended."

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Willmann-Bell Observing and Photographing the Solar System
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